Have you ever been told to shut up, stand down, or keep quiet?

Are you tired of political correctness, being lied to by your government, being told what to do, how to do it,

and when to do it?  F**k yeah - so are we!  


Established in 2001 when we were in college.

We realized censorship sucks. 

We ran into it then and it is alive and well today.

Censorship produces a rage that drives

Americans to drink - a lot and often!


The launch of Freee Speeech!!! The Munky Cometh! Big up to White Lion Brewing Company for the space and support. Food was awesome too!

Our Inaugural IPA Freee Speeech!!! is Now Available for orders in Massachusetts.

If you don't see us at your favorite Massachusetts supplier, please ask for us.

Contact [email protected] for any orders.

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Munky Merch

The name and the art behind the craft are to take a stand with what you wear and what you drink.

Through different methods, modes, and means, our Freedoms granted to us in the Bill Of Rights are beings stripped from us. 

More and more it is apparent there are 2 factions in our society: 

Those that want to take these from us!


Those that Stand Firm to keep them!


Using means, ways, methods which violate the ability to speak and converse freely.  Whether this is in physical public spaces, virtual formats, mail, email, messages, etc... Governments use private companies to do their bidding.


By restricting different aspects of our freedoms and liberties granted to us in our founding documents.  This is typically done in the name of "safety" and "security".


Censorship, the suppression of words, images, or ideas that are “offensive,” happens whenever some people succeed in imposing their personal political or moral values on others. 

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